For travel around Hokkaido, the trains and buses provide a reliable and economic way to move between both major cities and small
Trains are a very efficient mode of transport in Japan, running like clockwork. In winter this is undoubtedly the most reliable way to get around as snowy road conditions can slow the traffic and buses considerably, while the train is able to plough easily through the snow. A discounted train pass - the JR pass - is available to overseas travellers and must be bought from outside of Japan. It allows unlimited travel on JR trains, ferrys and buses for a period of 7, 14 or 21 days. The Hokkaido Rail Pass is also available to foreign travellers wanting unlimited travel on any JR Hokkaido line for a period of 3 or 5 days.
For detailed information on JR passes go to:
information on train times, prices etc go to:

Buses are the cheapest mode of transport per ticket and also provide frequent and reliable services. In the winter months, however,
the time spent travelling very much depends on the conditions of the road.

Distance between major Cities/Towns  
Abashiri ------
Asahikawa 218km ---------
Chitose 395km 177km -------
Furano 275km 57km   -------
Hakodate         --------
Kitami 58km 160km   260km   --------
Kushiro 154km 280km   250km   120km ------
Nemuro 405km 375km 245km 125km --------
Niseko 465km 247km   255km 183km 407km 455km 580km --------
Noboribetsu -----------
Obihiro 198km 177km   120km 508km 140km 130km 255km 225km   -------
Otaru 395km 177km   185km 143km 337km 385km 510km 60km     ------
Rumoi 296km 78km   186km 423km 238km 358km 483km 240km   255km 170km ------
Sapporo 355km 137km   145km 293km 297km 345km 470km 110km   215km 40km 130km -------
Wakkanai 327km 252km   309km 608km 385km 532km 657km 425km   429km 355km 185km 315km --------
Abashri Asahikawa Chitose Furano Hakodate Kitami Kushiro Nemuro Niseko Noboribetsu Obihiro Otaru Rumoi Sapporo Wakkanai
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