National Parks
The National Parks of Hokkaido are some of the oldest and most stunning in Japan. The four seasons are very distinct
and the atmosphere of the landscape is always changing quite dramatically and the National Parks provide a great way to
explore the beauty of the seasons.

Mt Tokachidake, Daisetsuzan NP.
Sounkyo Gorge, Daisetsuzan NP.
* Daisetsuzan NP, with an area of 2309 sq km, is the biggest NP in Japan. It has a diversity of mountains and volcanoes, rivers and steep gorges,
waterfalls, lakes and animals.
* Shikotsu-Toya NP is known for it's two big lakes and the volcanoes that stand beside them. There are also many lake side onsens.
* Akan NP has perhaps Hokkaido's most beautiful lakes, situated next to two active volcanoes, Mr and Mrs Akan. These crystal clear lakes are famous
for the rare and unusual type of spherical green algae that grow there - 'Marimo'. Growing at a rate of 5mm per year, marimo as big as 30cm in diameter can
be found in Akan, making them the largest in the world.
* Shiretoko NP is the untouched wilderness of Hokkaido. It feautures the hot spring waterfall 'Kamuiwakka', ice-floats drifting along the coast in winter
and the largest winter population of the rare Steller's Sea Eagle.
* Kushiro Marshlands NP, is a wild bird sanctuary, of which 7 species in this area are designated Natural Treasures. This includes the endangered
Japanese crane, famous for it's synchronised mating dance.
* Rishiri Rebun NP- This consists of the two islands off the north of Hokkaido. Mt Rishiri Fuji is a volcano so named because it is a smaller version of Mt
Fuji. Rebun Island is the land of flowers as hundreds of species of alpine plants bloom in spring and summer.
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