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Annupuri, Niseko  

Welcome to Hokkaido - the head of a mighty dragon. It is said that Japan is shaped like a dragon - Hokkaido forming it's head, Honshu it's body and Kyushu and the line of islands around Okinawa being the tail.

Hokkaido is the homeland of Japan's indigenous Ainu peoples and famous for
its lush scenic beauty and fresh seafood. The capital, Sapporo, is the fifth
largest city in Japan and the venue for many festivals and events throughout
the year. Although Hokkaido is Japan's second largest island, it has only 5% of the population and therefore has an abundance of untamed wilderness,
changing dramatically throughout the four seasons. In winter, Hokkaido
becomes quite the winter wonderland, a powder paradise. Bears and furry
creatures hibernate deep beneath the snow, seas freeze over in the north,
and the Sapporo Snow Festival and powdered snow resorts attract many a
visitor from afar. This is a great time to relax in one of Hokkaido's mineral
hot springs - many of which are outdoors, set amongst the scenery and snow.
Spring is cherry blossom season and brings a burst of lush greenery including
an array of wild mountain vegetables. Summertime encourages adventures of outdoor sports among the National Parks, and a chance to explore the many volcanic mountains, dramatic gorges and pristine lakes. Finally Autumn
arrives - perhaps the most beautiful time - as the air cools down, whole
mountain ranges become on fire with the colours of autumn leaves.

The history of Hokkaido is interwoven with the culture of the indigenous
Ainu people. There are some good cultural museums, Ainu festivals,
exhibitions and workshops which allow an insight into the crafts and
traditions of the Ainu culture.



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