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Hot Springs
The Hot Spring, also known as 'onsen', is undoubtedly one of Japan's treasures. Hokkaido, having 3 main volcanic mountain
ranges, has an abundance of these natural mineral springs. The thermal water is rich in various minerals and has a theraputic
and relaxing effect on the body and mind. Onsens can appear from milky white to rustic red all depending on the type of
minerals in the water, there are 14 different types of water. At Noboribetsu Onsen, one of Hokkaido's biggest onsen resorts,
you can find 11 of these types of mineral water, each with their own unique healing properties. Most onsens have a 'rotemburo'
- an outdoor bath - so you can also soak up the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. The Japanese custom is to soak naked
(male/female baths are mostly separated), first the body is cleansed or hot water poured over the body before entering the

Annupuri, Niseko.
Sounkyo, Daisetsuzan NP.
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